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Climate Change and Its Impact Worldwide Particularly On Pakistan and Measures to Control Its Effects (Published)

Quantitative and qualitative data analysis shows that revolutionary climate changes have been observed in recent decades in world history. The earth’s temperature is rising to the ever-alarming limits the world is facing the noticeable and direct impacts of climate change in the form of extreme weather events, irregular precipitation, reduction in water resources, formless average temperature trends, other damages to natural ecosystems and human health due to green-house gases and anthropogenic emissions. Pakistan is one of the most affected countries globally. Previous studies confirmed the direct relationship of climate changes with drought, migration, flooding, diseases, poverty, un-equality, agriculture, Land and soil devastation, diseases, gender, and the impeding effect on the economy of Pakistan. Comparative excerpts are highlighted and solutions proffered; highlighting climate change policy objectives (CCPOs) based on symmetric principles, i.e., energy, transport, urban and town planning, industry, and agriculture as criteria, with 17 sub-criteria in total and strategies included.

Keywords: Climate Change, climate change policy adaptation strategies, global warming, impacts on the world economy, influence on Pakistan