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Anxiety in Writing Skills: The Voices of EFL University Learners (Published)

This descriptive study explores writing anxiety attributed to the following factors: structuring paragraphs, sentence accuracy, feedback, corrections, grading, and classroom learning environment. The research sample was 327 Saudi female EFL university learners in Madinah, Saudi Arabia, who responded to a 28-closed item questionnaire. The results revealed that the participants were usually anxious about paragraph structuring but sometimes experienced anxiety about constructing proper sentences with correct grammar, vocabulary, and spelling. An unexpected finding was that Saudi female EFL university learners were sometimes anxious about receiving feedback, corrections, and grading in writing tasks. The results also indicate that the classroom learning environment was sometimes a source of anxiety.

Keywords: Classroom Environment, Feedback, sentence accuracy, structuring paragraphs, writing anxiety

Impact of Classroom Environment on Students` Performance in English Language (Published)

The objectives of the study are to examine impact of classroom environment on the academic performance of students in English language as well as their performance difference by gender. Survey and Correlation research designs were employed. The population of the study involved 183 teachers and 2003 SS III students in the selected schools. 401 students representing 20% and 183 teachers were randomly selected. Self-developed questionnaire and profoma were used for collection of data for this study. The data collected were analysed using descriptive statistics of Mean and Standard Deviation and Multiple Regression Analysis. The findings of the study revealed that classroom environment has strong impact on the academic performance of students in English language. On the gender basis, there was no significant difference in the performance of students. Therefore, it was recommended that school management should provide all necessary facilities in the classroom in order to create enabling environment for students overall development.


Keywords: : Academic Performance, Classroom Environment, English Language, Students

Effects of Perceived Lecturers’ Competence and Classroom Environment on Students’ Academic Performance (Published)

The intention of this study was to investigate how perceived teachers’ competence and perceived classroom environment affect academic performance. Two hundred and sixty randomly selected final year National Diploma (ND II) students of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria were involved in this study. They were given two questionnaires that took approximately, fifty minutes to complete. The study was conducted in a classroom environment during regular school hours. After collecting information from the students through questionnaires, their comprehensive Grade Point Average (GPA) in previous year were also collected. This GPA data were then compared to the scores obtained from the questionnaires. This study concludes that there was a statistically significant relationship between teachers’ competence and GPA, and that there is a statistically significant interaction between classroom environment and students’ academic achievement. Consequently, it was recommended that governments and school authorities must embark on regular training programmes and encourage teachers advance their academic and professional qualifications so that they would be more competent. Also, stakeholders in education should formulate policies that will ensure the appointment of qualified and competent teachers as well as the adequate provision of academic facilities in all schools as such would result in higher academic achievement.

Keywords: : Academic Performance, Classroom Environment, Cognitive Activation, Content Knowledge, Learning Support, Lecturers’ Competence