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Impact of Class Size on Early Childhood Education among Primary School in Bwari Area Council (Published)

This study focused on the impact of class size on early childhood education in Bwari Area Council. It is a survey research. The population consists of all early childhood education pupils in Bwari Ara Council. The stratified and random sampling techniques were used to select a sample of 155. The instrument is a self-developed questionnaire titled “Impact of Class Size on Early Childhood Education Questionnaire”. The psychometric properties were determined through a test – retest method of reliability. Using Pearson “ϒ” it yielded a correlation coefficient of 0.76 which was found to be reliable enough. Four (4) Research questions and two hypotheses were formulated for the study and analyzed using t-test statistics. It was found that a significant relationship exists between the mean ratings of the impact of class size and early childhood education. Recommendations, amongst others, include reducing a large class to a manageable one with appropriate counseling approaches.

Keywords: Bwari, Council, Primary School, childhood education, class size, early