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Vacuity coefficient and diet in Clarias jaensis (Boulenger, 1909) in the Mbô floodplain (Cameroon) (Published)

The Diet of Clarias jaensis was studied in the floodplain of Mbô in Cameroon. In order to reduce over-exploitation through knowledge of the food habits, 230 fish caught by artisanal fishing methods were collected monthly between November 2016 and September 2017 in three sites (Menoua, Nkam and flooded ponds). The digestive tract dissection was made according to the standard method. The standard length and total weight of specimens ranged from 10.50 to 47.50 cm and between 9.99 and 1165.59 g respectively. Overall, 43 stomachs were empty with a general  vacuity coefficient of 18.69%. It varied between 16.85 and 26.08%, respectively between the dry and rainy seasons, and then by 24.00; 11.43 and 26.00% respectively in the Menoua, Nkam and flooded ponds. The diet characterized on the basis of occurrence and numerical percentages, having varied from one season to another. Insect-dominated animal organic matter was significantly (p < 0.001) higher (73.54%) compared to plant matter (36.59%) and detritus (24.09%). The food spectrum of C. jaensis, with 9 items, showed that it was an omnivorous species with an insectivorous tendency.

Keywords: Cameroon, Clarias jaensis, diet, floodplain, vacuity coefficient