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Creativity vs. Imitation: Understanding Diversity and Legislative Identity in the State of Qatar (Published)

Qatar has a modern legal system, and it witnessed significant developments over the last two decades. The introduction of the permanent Constitution of the State of Qatar 2005 determine the basic pillars of the state and its’ public authorities and institutions.  The Constitution provides for Islam as the religion of the State and the main source of Qatar’s legislation, besides Arabic as the state official language.  Al Shura Council is the public institution responsible for legislative function, and shall assume its duties in accordance with the Constitution, Al Shura Council shall follow up to review, renew, and reshape Qatar’s distinct legislative frameworks to reflect due understanding of diversity and comparative legal jurisdictions without compromising Qatar’s national identity. The Article attempts to provide brief and intensive thoughts on the issue of diversity and national legislative identity.  

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Prescription of the Lawsuit (Published)

The prescription of a law suit means that a right has been violated long ago and throughout this time the entity has not done the necessary actions for its protection. This relationship under the law does not allow this right to be enforced in a binding way. Thus, the passing of time during which the entity did not act to secure its protection, according to the law affects this legal relationship. The right to a law suit, as defined in the law, is the only opportunity to demand the enforcement of a mandatory civil law. The notion of the right of law suit relates to the notion of law suit. The law suit is the means by which the civil law or other rights arising out of certain legal relationships are protected and resettled by the court or other competent authority. This law suit protects not only subjective right but also objective right, because the competent body, by restoring the violated right, does not allow the violation of these norms of the law.[1]

[1]FetiGjilani “Prescription of the lawsuit according to the legislation of R.P.SH”

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