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Repositioning Research in Adult Education in Nigeria for National Citizenship: Implications for Sustainable Community (Published)

The study aimed at determining how research in adult education can be repositioned to promote national citizenship for sustainable community communities in Rivers State. The study was guided by four research objectives and three research questions and a workshop. The research design for this study is a case study. The population of this study consist of 300 community members of 3 communities Rivers State. Out of which 120 community members were randomly sampled. The instrument for this study was an interview schedule for interacting with focus groups. Findings show that respondent perceived citizenship as someone being a member of a particular country by origin; that they are no longer comfortable with what is happening in different parts of the state and Nigeria at large and this gives them a serious concern of not to be proud of the word ‘I am a Nigerian citizen’. Based on the findings, the researcher recommended among others that National oriental agency, adult educator, educators of adult and the general public should intensify efforts toward the promotion of national citizenship and workshops for community members mental development should be continual and the approach should be based on participatory research approach is sustainable communities is to be achieved.

Keywords: citizenship, national citizenship research in adult education, sustainable community