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The Values of Citizenship Included in the Palestinian Arabic-Language Textbooks for the Lower Basic Education (Published)

The study aims to define the citizenship values that are included in the Arabic-language textbooks for the lower basic education in Palestine. The study sample consists of all the Arabic-language textbooks of the lower basic education in Palestine, and the style of content and substance analysis is used depending on the apparent and latent meaning of both the content and substance of the aforementioned textbooks. That being said, the word, sentence, and image are considered as units of analysis, count, and record. The analysis is done according to an instrument that consists of 12 values, after being validated and probated. The study reports the following results; the sum frequencies of the citizenship values included in the textbooks analyzed reaches 586 values. The fourth-grade book has the lion share with a frequency of 172 values, followed by the third-grade book of 149 values. Subsequently, the second-grade book has 146 values, which makes it ranking the third, and leaving the first-grade book in the last rank with a frequency of 101 values. Besides, the values of the code of conduct rank first with 156 values, while the values of the national belonging have104 values and the ethical values have a frequency of 84 values, respectively. The values of rights, duties, and democracy stand with no representation at all.

Keywords: Arabic-language textbooks, citizenship values, lower basic education