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Residents’ Perception on Community Participation in Infrastructure Development in Ido Local Government Area, Oyo state, Nigeria (Published)

Community participation is a key factor in infrastructure development; it allows people to be part of developmental processes. This research assesses the perception of the residents’ on community participation in infrastructure development in Ido Local Government, Oyo state, Nigeria.The study area was first clustered by using the ten (10) recognized political wards in the local government for delineation; a purposive sampling method was used to select two-fifth of the political wards, which amounted to four (4) wards that are more rural, using factors like proximity to the city center. A random sampling technique was used for the administration. A sample size of 0.132% of the 2020 projected population of the study area was used, which amounts to 196 respondents. The Likert Scale was used to analyse the perception of the residents using indices like the Participation Stage Index (PSI), Role Performance Index (RPI), Participation Impediment Index (PII), and Strategic Approach Index (SAI). Most of the respondents are aware of different forms of community participation. ‘Informing’ has the highest PSI of 4.05. The major role performed by community-based organizations is’ ‘serving as the public voice’ with the highest RPI of 4.08. ‘Lack of social responsibility” has the highest PII of 4.08. ‘Process-based decentralisation strategies’ have the highest SAI of 3.96. This research posits that citizens should be more civic by improving their social responsibility and that gender equality should be encouraged. The government, for its part, should establish a modern feedback platform and address the factor that is impeding people from participating in the development process through a suitable approach that promotes fairness.

Citation: Odunola, O.O.,  Morenikeji, T.O., Salawu, I.O., Ayankanmi, J.A.,  Oloruntola, V. A. (2022) Residents’ Perception on Community Participation in Infrastructure Development in Ido Local Government Area, Oyo state, Nigeria, International Journal of Geography and Regional Planning Research, Vol.7, No.2, pp.34-45

Keywords: Citizen Participation, Community Participation, Infrastructures, Social Inclusion, infrastructures development

Entrepreneurship Education for Poverty Reduction and Enhanced Citizen Participation in Community Development Activities (Published)

Poverty has been identified as a major set-back to any economy. Poverty had become endemic to many nations of the world especially the less developed. To treat the scourge of poverty, proactive actions and plans, such as equipping citizens with entrepreneurship skills and knowledge must be put in place. This paper therefore, presents entrepreneurship education as a cure to poverty and its curriculum, a frame work for poverty alleviation programmes. The concepts of entrepreneurship education, poverty and participation are fully discussed. The objects of entrepreneurship, goal and the curriculum context of effective entrepreneurship education were also discussed. The relationship between poverty, entrepreneurship and participation were highlighted. The paper concludes that given the immense benefits crewing from entrepreneurship education, and its role enhancing community development activities, the nation should channel its efforts to improve the economy and better the lives of the citizens.

Keywords: Citizen Participation, Community development, Entrepreneurship education, Poverty, Poverty Reduction