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Cinemex Pansionstrategies to Reduce the Distance Market with Cinepolis (Published)

Cinemex is a company that has been characterized by having a very strong expansion strategy, and in recent years has acquired companies being competition as part of its strategy and be able to extend its market power against the industry`s leader called Cinepolis, however, this strategy hasn’t done Cinemex win market even competing by price. The main strength of Cinepolis is technological innovation so the strategy is to expand the firm is to open new complex projects highly technological. Moreover, opening Cinemex complex projects a lower level. The conclusion of the trial is that for Cinemex can continue to expand should redirect its strategy to open theaters with top-level projects that currently use in order to win market power Cinepolis.

Keywords: Cinemex, Duopoly, Game theory, No cooperatives games, Strategies.