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Spiritual Transformation: A Focus on Strategic Approach to Discipleship (Published)

The purpose of the study was to determine whether discipleship strategies used in the teaching ministry of the church enhance spiritual transformation. The descriptive survey design which used the cross-sectional approach to data collection was used for the study. A sample of 945 participants was selected using systematic random sampling and questionnaires were consequently distributed to the 945 members. Overall, 538 questionnaires were returned and analyzed to provide useful information. The SSPS was used to analyze the data and t– tests performed for independent variables. The study findings revealed that majority (70.1%) of the Redeemed Gospel Church members have been discipled using discipleship strategies believed to enhance spiritual transformation. Based on the findings, the study concluded that mentoring relationship program, teacher role modelling Christlikeness, formal discipleship curriculum and small group fellowship enhances the spiritual transformation of Church members. Significant differences in spiritual transformation between members who had gone through discipleship strategies (displayed greater spiritual transformation), and those who had not, existed. 

Keywords: Christians, Church, Discipleship, Ministry, Spiritual Transformation

A Misrepresentation of the Theology of Satan in Nigerian Religious Leadership (Published)

This article examines the nature of Satan through the various names that he is called. It also looks at the role religious leaders in Nigeria play in propagating wrong ideologies about Satan. The methodology adopted consists of the theological approach to some Biblical passages, using Reader Response hermeneutical principles to examine the different names of Satan. The result shows that Satan is more than an excuse for people to do wrong and Church leaders in Nigeria need to teach a more holistic message on who Satan is.

Keywords: Christianity, Church, Leadership, Satan, Wasteful Prayers, responsibility