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Spiritual Transformation: A Focus on Strategic Approach to Discipleship (Published)

The purpose of the study was to determine whether discipleship strategies used in the teaching ministry of the church enhance spiritual transformation. The descriptive survey design which used the cross-sectional approach to data collection was used for the study. A sample of 945 participants was selected using systematic random sampling and questionnaires were consequently distributed to the 945 members. Overall, 538 questionnaires were returned and analyzed to provide useful information. The SSPS was used to analyze the data and t– tests performed for independent variables. The study findings revealed that majority (70.1%) of the Redeemed Gospel Church members have been discipled using discipleship strategies believed to enhance spiritual transformation. Based on the findings, the study concluded that mentoring relationship program, teacher role modelling Christlikeness, formal discipleship curriculum and small group fellowship enhances the spiritual transformation of Church members. Significant differences in spiritual transformation between members who had gone through discipleship strategies (displayed greater spiritual transformation), and those who had not, existed. 

Keywords: Christians, Church, Discipleship, Ministry, Spiritual Transformation

Religious Conflicts In Nigeria And Their Impacts On Social Life (Published)

Our thinking, feeling and relation with other people impact our belief system.  in some societies religious conflicts are not more common but there are some countries where these religious conflicts are that much powerful that they even effect the lives of the people in the society. It is also common practice that usually these type of conflicts arises in the developing and under-developing counties. Developing countries have some other issues to fight on.  As far as Nigeria is concerned, this is the country where this conflict is more powerful than any other concept. This paper is about the religious conflicts of the people in Nigeria and its impact on their social lives

Keywords: Christians, Muslims, Religion., Sharia Law, Social Life