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Improving Teaching of Christian Moral Education in Secondary Schools in South East Geo-Political Zone of Nigeria through Commitment in Teachers’ Behaviour (Published)

Nigerian society exhibits symptoms of serious moral decay. There is consequently widespread concern about the moral predicament in the nation. This paper is an attempt to investigate how commitment in teachers’ behaviour could improve the teaching of Christian moral education in secondary schools in the southeast geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Two research questions guided the study. The study adopted descriptive survey research design. South-east geopolitical zone is the area of study and the population comprised of all the Christian Moral Education teachers in the states that make up the zone. 300 teachers were selected out of 967 Christian Moral Education teachers in the area using purpose sampling technique. Fixed response questionnaire was used to collect data from the respondents. Mean was used to analyze data. Result show-cased that the teaching of Christian Moral Education could be improved through commitment in teachers’ behaviour. Based on the findings, the study stresses that a greater percentage of the work of improving the teaching of Christian moral education lies in the hands of the teachers as commitments in teachers’ behaviour becomes a necessity of immediacy and paramount. This however forms the contribution of the study.

Keywords: Christian Moral Education, Commitment, Improving, Performance, Teachers’ Behaviour.