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Estimating Recreational Benefits of Cox’s Bazaar: Zonal Travel Cost Method Approach (Published)

Estimating recreational value for any place is very important for its decision making purpose. Because it gives the decision maker scientific monetary values which help them to take an appropriate decision at the same time ensuring proper conservation to the recreational site management.  In the case of tourism, this value can provide information regarding tourism prospect in the particular recreational site. This type of information can attract the investor to invest more money at the same time to influence new entrepreneurs to make new plan to start business etc. As we know that tourism has both positive as well as negative side. The positive side, it creates more employment, more money injection in the particular place as well as other stakeholder benefits. But its negative site is also very high; it sometimes destroys the social value which can destroy the cultural value of the recreational site. In this work it is a tried to evaluate the positive benefit of a recreational site through the method of zonal travel cost. It is one of the methods of environmental valuation.Cox’s bazaar is selected because it is most popular as well as the most visited tourist destination in our country. After applying zonal travel cost method based on the primary information collected on the field survey, it is estimated that net annual recreational benefits of the visitors from the beach is 100.2 million BDT.

Keywords: Choke Price., Consumer Surplus, Net Recreational Benefit, Non-Market Valuation, Zonal Travel Cost Method