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Effects of Some Chemical Preservatives on the Storability and Sensory Attributes of Agbarati-A Meat Substitute (Published)

Agbarati, a melon seed based meat analogue was produced and treated with four different chemical preservatives; Sodium benzoate, Citric acid, Potassium sorbate and Ascorbic acid. The produced meat analogue samples were stored at room temperature for seven days and changes in their chemical attributes (Free Fatty Acids, Peroxide value and Iodine value) and sensory attributes were monitored to know if the chemical preservatives can extend the shelf life of the samples. At the end of the experiment, the result showed that Citric acid was adjudged the best of the four preservatives having the lowest increase in Free Fatty Acid value of 2.75% compared to the untreated sample of 4.18% in Free Fatty Acid. Similarly, the peroxide value increased to 6.41MeqKg-1 in the untreated sample and 4.66MeqKg-1 in Citric acid sample while the Iodine value reduced to 92.76 g/l00g of oil in the untreated sample and 96.76g/100g of oil in the Citric acid sample. Result of sensory evaluation showed that panelists preferred most the Citric Acid preserved Agbarati.

Keywords: Agbarati-Meat Analogue, Chemical Preservative, Free Fatty Acid, Iodine Value, Peroxide Value