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Effect of Carbonation, Chloride and Sulphate Attacks on Reinforced Concrete: A Review (Published)

Concrete is the most versatile and widely used construction material worldwide. In recent past, the durability of concrete structures has become a major concern, particularly in aggressive environments. Traditionally, a large number of natural and chemical admixtures are added to the concrete with the purpose to enhance its properties. In most cases, concrete failure occurs as a combination of errors in material design, installed workmanship, environmental impacts, usage and poor maintenance strategy. The durability of concrete can be influenced by a range of physical and chemical factors. Relevant choice of admixture can improve the strength characteristics, and therefore the durability of concrete. This paper presents a literature review of several published studies on impact of chemical aggression to reinforced concrete structures

Keywords: Admixture, Chemical Aggression, Durability, Reinforced Concrete.