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Human Rights within the EU Prior to the Existence of the Charter (Published)

In addition to the adoption of U.D.H.R and E.C.H.R, the founding Treaties of the European Communities did not undertake any commitment to the protection of human rights at Community level. An explanation for this is the one that relies on the purpose of creating the EU, which was the creation of a common market, putting emphasis on the economic and functional aspects. The treaty establishing the European Economic Community (Treaty of Rome-1957) contained only a few fundamental rights, the foremost of which was the prohibition of discrimination on the grounds of nationality. However, it is understandable that, despite the lack of projections therein, treaties were not intended to violate of human rights. The 1986 Single Act made a direct reference to the notion of the protection of human rights for the first time. Maastricht’s treaty (1992) undertook a more concrete step, stating in its Preamble the observance of human rights in more specific way.

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