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Character Strength as an Influence on Nurses Clinical Performance in Selected Tertiary Hospitals of Saudi Arabia (Published)

Changes like the rapid increase in urbanization, population growth, developing gender sensitivity roles and the breakthroughs in science and technology would cause stress and added challenges to nurses working in high functioning health facilities.  The many changes in society will certainly need nurses’ utmost struggle to respond to these pressure and stress.  High performing organizations promote employee productivity with the end in view of attaining organizational health and stability.  Organizations that are able to manage or address job-related stress help individual, career, and organizational development.  Failure to address this problem leads to organizational loss, customers dissatisfaction and decrease in profit. This research intends to assess the character strengths and clinical performance of nurses in selected tertiary hospitals of Saudi Arabia. The placement influences character strengths with excluding humanity and wisdom and the length of their service does not influence character strengths. As nurses perceived clinical performance increases, there is also a moderate increase of his or her practice of all the character strengths; namely, humanity, courage, justice,, transcendence, temperance, and wisdom.

Keywords: Character Strengths, Clinical Performance, Positive Psychology, Temperance