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The Effectiveness of Teacher Education Program: Identifying the Difficulties and Challenges Faced by the Pre-Service English Teachers (Published)

The purpose of this study is to investigate to what extent pre-service teachers apply the methods, theory, and training received during training in the teacher training program into their classroom teaching. The sample involved in the study were pre-service teachers from the Bachelor in Education TESL program who had just completed their 3-month teaching practicum and are currently in the final semester. This study employed a qualitative research design and the data sources included (open-ended) pre-service teacher questionnaires and document analysis. The questionnaire distribution phase was conducted with 68 pre-service teachers who came for a one-day post mortem of their teaching practicum. From the analysis of the qualitative data, the findings derived four themes that best described the codes from the participants’ responses: dealing with students in class, the pre-service teachers’ self-belief, the supervisors, and the schools, which reflect the difficulties and challenges faced by the pre-service teachers. 

Keywords: Challenges in Teaching, Pre-Service Teachers, Teacher Education