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Electronic Banking Products and Services of Private Commercial Banks in Bangladesh: Present Status and Challenges (Published)

Bill Gates (2008) announced “banking is essential, banks are not”. This quotation means, the traditional branch banking is going to vanish in order to be surrogated by Electronic Banking (E-banking) which continues to attract new users. It provides users, working with a home computer attached by network to their bank, with the ability to authorize payments, reconcile accounts, and access a variety of other banking services with the help of ATM, Visa Card, Master Card, Q-cash, E-cash, Ready cash, Mobile, Internet etc. E-banking has a lot of benefits which add value to customers’ satisfaction. For collecting the data a highly structured questionnaire was made. The questionnaire was designed into four parts. The statistical techniques used for the analysis were the descriptive analysis, ANOVA analysis and Chi-Square test. There are some associated challenges identified in the study that seem to hinder the success of e-banking services and thus constitute major concern to both financial institutions and customers. The paper recommends various measures should be put in place to make e-banking system smooth, effective and more secure. This paper concludes that e-banking has become important phenomenon in the banking industry and it will continue as more progress and innovations are made in information technology

Keywords: Banking Sector, Challenges and Trends, Online Banking, Private Commercial Banks, e-Banking