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Literacy Intervention in Secondary Education: Experimenting With Community Participation in Upgrading Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (Published)

This is a report of an on-going project. It is a base-line survey. It captures the initial efforts of the researcher who leads a team of secondary school senior teachers as a volunteer in a community work that involves intervention for an upgrade in the school certificate examination of a group of Nigerian Senior Secondary Schools.  This is to be done with a focus on the core subjects of English and Mathematics. This first stage of the report is like a sensitization campaign for fellow teachers and researchers keen on providing solution to the epileptic state of learning at the secondary education level. It is a clear position paper that takes Nigeria education system from where it was then to where it is now. Attempt is made to provide a brief but rich and clear historical background to the golden era of Nigerian literacy up to the period of a lacuna that sets in to cripple development in the education sector. It also reports how the community intervention is being conducted and the envisaged outcome

Keywords: Certificate Examination, Literacy Intervention, Secondary Education: Community Participation, Senior Secondary School