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Comparative Analysis of Cereal Crop Production Grown in Lesotho (Published)

Production of cereal crops is a thriving industry in Lesotho comprising of maize, sorghum and wheat. The percentage change in composition of these cereal crops in terms of production, yield and area is not well documented. The objects of study were therefore to (i) compare the changes in the composition of cereal crops and (ii) determine trend in area, production and yield from time-period 1961-2017. The secondary data collected from Food and Agriculture Organization (FAOSTAT) was used for analysis. The study was carried out at Maseru in Lesotho. Data were subjected to Excel in the Microsoft office software version 10.  The results of study showed that maize was dominating sorghum and wheat in production, area planted and yield. Maize constituted 61% of cereal production; yield productivity was 60% and area occupied 65%. Sorghum production comprised 22%, yield 34% and area 24%. The last performer was wheat with production of 17%, 11% area and 6% yield. It can be deduced from results that maize is most preferred, followed by sorghum and then wheat lastly.

Keywords: Area, Production, Yield, cereal crops, trendline