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Performance Optimization of a Multistage Centrifugal Pump for Heavy End Recovery Using Desirability Function Approach (Published)

Optimal geometrical (operational)/performanceparameters of a radial split axial pull-out barrel casing multistage centrifugal pump of BB5 class used for heavy end recovery in a natural gas to liquid plant was determined in this study. Impeller discharge diameter,pump suction pipe diameter, impeller blade length, blade discharge angle, impeller discharge widthand radial tip clearance constitutethe factors whose influences on the pumps major flow parameters(efficiency, flow rate, head and speed) were evaluated. The experimental plan applied is completely randomized single replicate Box-Wilson central composite circumscribed block design comprisingthirty-two factorial points, ten centre pointsand twelve axial points while desirability function approach was used in the multi-response optimization of response function of the pump parameters developed. Results revealed 417, 366 70, 39°, 36 and 64  as the optimal pump suction piping diameter, impeller discharge diameter, impeller blade length, blade discharge angle, impeller radial tip clearance and impeller blade discharge widthrespectively. Performance analysis showed that the pump operates with an efficiency, flow rate, head and speed of 78.30, 191.55, 967.50 and 2505 respectivelyat these optimal factors setting and itsenergy consumption reduced by 1.2%.


Keywords: Centrifugal pump, Efficiency, Energy consumption, heavy end recovery, natural gas-to-liquid plant, optimal operational parameter