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How to Promote the Ethnic Harmony of the Chinese Three-Ancestor Culture Be Held in the Religious Worship Rituals by Weixin Shengjiao (Published)

The Chinese people is a people with long and profound history. It can be dated to Kunlun civilization, Fuxishi, Nuwa and Chinese Three-Ancestor, Huangdi, Yandi, and Chiyou. I Ching lays for the philosophy of thought in Chinese ethnic culture. What were Chinese religious beliefs before Buddhism reached China? War and worship affairs have been considered magnificent in Chinese dynasties. Tracing back to the battle in Zhuolu 5,000 years ago, which was a vital page in Chinses history, have the worship rituals for the death been perfected now? This part of research is missing in the Eastern religious studies. Therefore, this study adopts the method of qualitative longitudinal research to collect the ritual texts of worshipping ancestors from 2004 to 2017 as research materials of this study. The research results show that the religious interpretation of ethnic harmony in Chinese Three-Ancestor culture expressed in the worship rituals held by Weixin Shengjiao.


Keywords: Gui Gu mind method, ancestor worship ceremony, centre of the cross, spiritual oration, vertical and horizontal alliances