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Assessments of Public’s Perceptions of their Satisfactions to their Participating Activities on the Lotus Throwing (Rub Bua) Festival toward Cultural Heritage of Bang Phli Communities in the 80th in 2015 “One of the World: Only One of Thailand” (Published)

This research is reported an important of the favorite festivals in Thailand, which is the lotus throwing (Rap Bua) festival in Bang Phli, Samut Prakan. This is basically what happens as countless thousands of local public line the banks of Samrong Canal to throw lotus flowers onto a boat carrying a replica of the famous Buddha image Luang Poh To. The aims of this research are to describe for assessing public’s perceptions of their participants who go to Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai which, for obvious reasons, has the best atmosphere, to compare between public’s perception of their gender of their satisfactions to the entire route from start to finish of the boat carrying the Buddha image wasn’t scheduled to pass the front of Wat Bang Phli Yai Nai toward their participated activities. Associations between public’s participating activities and their satisfied of the lotus throwing (Rap Bua) festival were assessed. Using the qualitative data with interview, observation, and participated memberships’ activities were designed. Internal consistency Cronbach alpha statistics were generated with the quantitative data from the 10-item Questionnaire on Satisfaction Inventory (QSI) was validated of 0.88. Statistically significant between public’s perceptions of their different gender; scale means scores for male’s and female’s perceptions of the participants of this festival were to investigate if QSI questionnaire had the ability to non-differentiate significantly. Associations were found between various measures of public’s participating Rab Bud festival to their satisfactions of their participants, the R2 value indicate that 58% of the variance in their satisfaction assessments also was found. These factors appear to be affecting public of 1,382 persons who were satisfied for predicting the 80th Lotus Throwing (Rab Bua) festival in the academic year B.E. 2558 for following celebrative event arrangement of Bang Phli cultural communities are managed.

Keywords: Assessment, Bang Phli Cultural Communities, Lotus Throwing (Rab Bua) Festival, celebrative event arrangement, the Academic Year B.E. 2558