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Orthography, Syntax, and Morphemes in Cebuano Visayan News Editorial: A Linguistic Analysis (Published)

This study analyzes the inaccuracies of the Cebuano Visayan language in the SunStar News Editorial Dalaygon ang Kausaban. It aims to idealize the inaccurate orthography, syntactic system and morphemic structures of content words found in the textuality. Findings of the study reveal fifty-seven misspelled words which involve the use of inaccurate vowels, the absence of hyphens for glottal stops, and the lack of apostrophe in contracted words. Moreover, there are three inaccurate sentence constructions with a subject- predicate sequence instead of the predicate-subject system of the Cebuano Visayan language. Meanwhile, the morphemic structure of content words reveal that majority of the Cebuano words are formed by affixations that affect the grammaticalization of ideas and concepts. The study concludes that the Cebuano Visayan editorial of SunStar News reveals a textuality of inaccurate orthography, syntax, and morphemes. The study recommends the use of one common standard form of the language in mass media and in Cebuano Visayan language classes for linguistic accuracy

Keywords: Cebuano Visayan, linguistic accuracy, linguistic analysis, pedagogic grammar