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Central Bank Digital Currencies: To issue, or not to issue, that is the question- Legal and Economic Implications in the EU and, the Albanian Perspective (Published)

This research paper aims to serve as an added value to enrich the literature regarding the Central Banks Digital Currency and all its possible implications impacting the financial system. Our focus is on analysing CBDC from different perspectives, by analysing the motivations and concerns that lead countries with different economic conditions to introduce for their public this innovation as well as, to analyse the implications it poses due to significant fields of banking sector at whole, in terms of commercial banks, monetary policy of central bank or all the spikes that may happen in financial stability. The imminent allocation of crypto currencies has been the catalyst which has prompted Central Banks of various countries in Europe and beyond, to launch complex studies focusing on the implementation of macroeconomic policies in the context of digital currency issued by Central Banks. In prima facie overview, this process will be accompanied by various challenges, ascertained these challenges in the economic field but also in the legal one.  This research paper, inter alia, aims to analyse the legal regulatory framework at the level of the European Union, taking into account the potential implications, material and procedural difficulties as well as, the economic effects that may derive from the issuance of digital currency issued by Central Banks. Along with analysation of EU legal framework in this research paper shall be analysed also the perspective of the Republic of Albania, as a candidate country for membership in the European Union which has the obligation to harmonize legislation with the aquis communiter.

Citation: Sibora Skenderi (2022) Central Bank Digital Currencies:  To issue, or not to issue, that is the question. Legal and Economic Implications in the EU and, the Albanian Perspective, European Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance Research, Vol.10, No. 8, pp.56-77

Keywords: CBDC, Central Bank, European central bank, Legal Framework, digital currency