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Community based Entrepreneurship Education: A Study of the CATET Program in Nepal (Published)

Community based enterprise can improve the livelihoods of marginalized and low income people in rural Nepal. Most of the labor force in rural communities consist of women contributing low productivity, long working hours and poor working conditions. Appropriate Technology along with entrepreneurship education can be the best means in bringing efficiency and high productivity in their daily business. Appropriate Technology based Entrepreneurship Training for Community development (CATET) developed by NITEC has been very essential tool for the development of such women based communities enterprises in rural Nepal. CATET is an approach in which University jointly works with the communities to solve their entrepreneurial problems. CATET has helped to provide the better understanding of entrepreneurship knowledge for the communities and have involved the academic sector which has contributed on developing appropriate technologies and providing essential business knowledge. CATET not only helped to develop new enterprises but also assisted the existing enterprises. Initial results are very encouraging so the joint collaboration of government, academia and community working together can make this model far more functional.  

Keywords: : Enterprises, Appropriate Technology, CATET, Education