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Optimizing the Carpool Service Problem with Genetic Algorithm (Published)

Now a day’s traffic congestion is a main issue all over the world so we are proposing a carpool system that will increase the no of occupation seats by decreasing the no of empty seats. This system divided into basically two modules. These modules are the mobile client module and Global Carpool Services module. User first have to submit carpool request using any android based Smartphone and obtain a matches within the mobile client module via the global cloud module. With the help of genetic based carpool algorithm global service module generate acceptable matches.To reduce the time required   and to find a best match we proposed a genetic algorithm for large no of users. Related to the quality of matches and processing time. The experimental results shows that the current root matching algorithm successfully showing the results which are optimal and also operate with the less computational time.

Keywords: Carpool Service, Genetic Algorithm, Optimizing