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1996’s Nonparty Caretaker Government Movement and the Role of Opposition in Bangladesh: A Politico-Legal Analysis (Published)

Role of opposition is very important in democracy. In parliamentary system opposition operates a parallel government for ensuring good governance in the country. In Bangladesh with the start of second inning of parliamentary system in 1991 people expected practice of peaceful democratic behaviour from the political parties. But opposition parties played reversed role in new system. Awami League, Jatiya Party and Jamaat-e-Islam seized the normal life of the people for executing their own political agenda. And in the name of ensuring voting right of the people they created unbearable atmosphere in the country and thereby forced the BNP government to adopt non-party caretaker government in the constitution. This paper is intended to show how opposition parties realized their illogical and irrational demand in the name of democratic movement in 1996.

Keywords: Caretaker government. Chief Adviser, Demand, Formula., Free and Fair Election, Opposition Movement