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Impact of Career Choice in Secondary Schools and Counselling Services in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria (Published)

This study investigate career choice in secondary schools and career counselling Service in Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria. Intelligent children from poor socio -economic background should be encouraged by the government to take professional courses through scholarship, which will help them, enhance a brighter future. Teacher should also be allowed to identify the best course for each child through continues assessment and career counselling orientation, workshops and seminars should be organized for parents and students aimed at changing their mind set on gender streaming as Source of influence, parent or mentors should be brought into circle of counselling and discussion to help the student in a comprehensive career plan. Industries should invest resource for the purpose of training students, while still in secondary schools. Student should follow a career plan of informed decision making, rather than one of hypothesis.

Keywords: Career, Choice, Counselling, Impact, Service

Career path planning and its impact on preparing and qualifying future leaders; field study on some corporations working in building, constructing and maintenance of ships in Egypt. (Published)

The research purpose is to analyse the relation between career path planning and preparing the future leaders. The sample is the 278 units and the researcher use the regression analysis to analyse the data. The research hypotheses are four hypotheses of the measurement of the main variables. The finding there is a relation between the independent variable and dependent one.

Keywords: Career, Career Progression, Career path planning, employees awareness

The vision of tourist guides to the profession of tourism in terms of economic in Jordan (Published)

The study aims to know the direction of the prosecution’s tour to the professional guide of tourism from an economic and in Jordan. Hence the study to see the look of the prosecution’s tour to the professional guide of tourism from an economic and in Jordan and you can develop this skill in the future because of their essential role in the process of Tourism. The study found a range of results, the most important being that there is a significant relationship between seeing the prosecution’s tour to the professional guide of tourism from an economic and in Jordan and job and monthly income, the study recommended a set of recommendations the most important stakeholders work to improve the economic reality of the counseling profession tourist disbursement of bonuses For be suitable for its work, and to encourage the tourist guide the amount, the need to actually improve job skills of tourist guides, and facilitate the work of the tourist guide.

Keywords: Career, Economic, Tourism, tour guides

Career counselling needs for women in rivers state (Published)

The study examined career counselling needs for women in Rivers State, Nigeria. The survey method was used. A simple random sampling technique was used to select three hundred (300) female undergraduate students from a population of nine hundred. The instrument used for this study was the “Students Self Rating Career Counselling Needs Scale’ SSRCCNS) for data collection. The t-test statistics was used to test the two null hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings revealed that the two null hypotheses were accepted: There is no significant difference in career counselling needs between part-time female undergraduate students who are having academic problems, and those having clear standing. Also, it was revealed that there was no significant difference in career counselling needs between female part-time undergraduate students who are employed and those unemployed. Based on the findings some recommendations were made: (1) Universities in Rivers State should open service career counselling centre to assist students with their career counselling needs. (2) Career counsellors should pay attention to dual career women. (3) Career counsellors should assist students to express their fears about gender role stereotyping in the given culture.

Keywords: Career, Counselling, Nigeria, Women


This research work sought to examine the job demands of women. It sought to analyze the work-life balance of women in selected business entities in Ghana. A quantitative method was employed and data were collected using questionnaires. In all the three firms, 150 questionnaires were distributed but only 100 responses were used for the analysis because some were incomplete. The questionnaires were administered to employees in the banking and insurance sector comprising of those in managerial and non-managerial positions. With the support of statistical tools (crosstabs and chi square) the data was analyzed. The findings suggest that increases in the employment rates and relative earnings of women have increased the opportunity costs of child care and domestic responsibilities which were common to womanhood some years back. It was observed that all the women who worked for more than 8 hours were experiencing work-family conflicts.

Keywords: Behaviour, Career, Discrimination, Entrepreneurship, Human resource