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A Comparative Perceptive of Career Competency between Employers and Interns (Published)

This study provided some information about the career competency skills needed by employers, when recruiting their employees. First, it must be noted that equal attention was given to hard or technical skills, as well as to soft skills. Without this combination, employers will end up recruiting one-dimensional employees thus denying them a workforce that is multi-tasking and able to execute their responsibilities well. Second, there was an urgent need for higher vocational education to measure constantly employers’ level of satisfaction with regard to the quality of graduates that universities are churning out every year. Third, universities must ensure that they have constant engagement with industry in order for them to be able to detect changes in industry quickly. The ability to do this will enable universities to react proactively instead of reactively to any changes taking place in industry.

Keywords: Career Competency, Employer, Higher Vocational Education, Human Resource Practice, Vocational Education and Training