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Comparative Analysis of Factors Influencing Career Choices among Senior Secondary School Students in Rivers State, Nigeria. (Published)

The study investigated factors influencing career choices among Senior Secondary School Students in Rivers State, Nigeria. Simple random sampling techniques were adopted to select four hundred (400) Senior Secondary School Student from five Secondary Schools in Rivers State. The “Comprehensive Career Choice Survey” (CCCS) was administered to the respondents to collect necessary data. The t-test statistics was used to test three null hypotheses at 0.05 level of significance. The findings revealed that there were significant differences among male and female secondary school students in their career choices in terms of: Prestige of a profession, gender parity, and parental influence. Based on the findings some recommendations were made: (1) Professional career counsellors should be consulted to assist students in planning and choosing their careers. (2) Professional career counsellors should include the students in the selecting process, considering interest, ability, skills and personality of the students.

Keywords: Career Choices, Comparative Analysis, Nigeria, Rivers State, Senior Secondary School Students