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This study investigates the shrinkage and carbon sequestration in wetlands of Fogera plain, North West Ethiopia. Landsat MSS of 1973, Landsat TM of 1994 and Landsat ETM+ 2011 were used for change detection. Supervised image classification through maximum likelihood classifier algorithm and qualitative data collection methods were used. Composite soil samples in three replications at a depth of 0-75 cm were collected and samples organic carbon and organic matter was analyzed in soil laboratory. The result of Landsat images analysis showed that the area of the wetland was 25% of the area in1973 while it shrinked in to 19.59% in 2011. There is a significant difference (p < 0.05) in soil OC and OM content in between different classes of wetlands. The organic carbon content of soils in wetlands where there is sediment deposition is very low. In less disturbed wetlands, there is better carbon content than other state of wetlands. Totally, carbon sequestration potential of these wetlands is very low in comparison with the carbon content of the wetlands of other parts of the world. This study recommends further upstream watershed conservation efforts and payment for the ecosystem services and benefits for such like ecosystems is to be started

Keywords: Carbon Sequestration, sediment deposition

Carbon Sequestration as a Climate Change Mitigation Activity-A Review (Review Completed - Accepted)

An unprecedented increase in the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) from fossil fuel combustion and land use change necessitates identification of strategies for mitigating the threat of the attendant global warming. However, the challenges of climate change can be effectively overcome by the storage of carbon in terrestrial carbon sinks viz. plants, plant products and soils for longer periods of time. Carbon sequestration in this regard is truly a win–win strategy. It restores degraded soils, enhances biomass production, purifies surface and ground waters, and reduces the rate of enrichment of atmospheric CO2 by offsetting emissions due to fossil fuel.

Keywords: Biomass, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Sequestration, Forest, Fossil Fuel, Grassland, Soil