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Crash analysis of the Coir/Pseudo Stem Plantain (CPS) hybrid fiber reinforced polyester composite as car bumpers using midasNFX (Published)

This research conducts crash analysis of the Coir/Pseudo Stem Plantain (CPS) hybrid fibers reinforced polyester composites as car bumpers using midasNFX. The hybrid of Coir and plantain pseudo stem fibers were used as reinforcement for CPS hybrid fibers reinforced polyester composites. The samples were formed using the control factors of volume fraction, coupling agent and coir/plantain fiber ratio. The optimum values were established for CPS hybrid fibers reinforced polyester resin composites. In accordance with the Research Council for Automobile Repairs (RCAR) standard of low-speed crash test using midasNFX, the maximum Von Mises stress, percentage of highly stressed part, displacement and the rate of deformation of  front and rear CPS car bumper materials were conducted and analyzed. From finite element analysis, CPS materials for front car bumper which are of better damageability and repairability than that of rear car bumpers have the highest Von Mises stress of front bumper is 1.24742 x 106 N/m2 at the smallest part of 0.4%, highest displacement is 0.046571m at the 79.3% part of the bumper, and the maximum deformation is 0.022m at 0.0052sec.

Citation: Chukwunyelu, Christian Ebele, Sheidu Sumaila Onimisi, Ewuzie Ejike Kingsley, Onyedum Obumneme C (2021) Crash Analysis of the Coir/Pseudo Stem Plantain (Cps) Hybrid Fiber Reinforced Polyester Composite As Car Bumpers Using Midasnfx, European Journal of Material Science , Vol.8, No.1, pp.47-60

Keywords: Car bumper, Coir/plantain fiber ratio, Coir/pseudo Stem plantain hybrid fibers, Damageability, Low-speed crash test, MidasNFX, Repairability