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Proximate Composition and Mineral Contents of Different Brands of Canned Fishes Marketed In Edo State Nigeria (Published)

Proximate composition and mineral content (Na, Ca, P and Mg) of fish is of great importance to fisheries managers, consumer and the nutritionist. In this study, seventeen different types of canned fish products were collected from super-stores and open market, proximate composition and the mineral elements (sodium, phosphorus, calcium and magnesium) of the different brands purchased were determined between January and September, 2015. The entire sample used were bought at the same time and kept at ambient room temperature, and every analysis was done in triplicate.  The results obtained showed that a gradual reduction in the food value (proximate composition) and the percentage mineral content of the different brands with a progressive reduction in the different months. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) and Duncan multiple range test (DMRT) at 5% level of significance, revealed that there were significant differences in the proximate and mineral components of the different brands and among the months, although some of these parameters were not significantly different for some brands. Results obtained from correlation analysis during the study revealed that there was a negative correlation relationship between fat/oil, fibre, nitrogen free extract (NFE) with moisture content, while there was also a positive significant relationship between protein/ash content, protein/moisture; also, a positive correlation existed between sodium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. The result obtained from this study indicates that these canned fishes analyzed were of high nutritional value and mineral content, but there is need to keep them at optimum temperature and not for too long in storage to enable consumer to derive the appropriate benefit from their consumption.

Keywords: Analysis, Benin City, Brands, Canning, Mineral, Proximate