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Production and Evaluation of Velvet Tamarind (Dialium Guineese Wild) Candy (Published)

Velvet tamarind (Dialium guinnese, wild) pulp flour was used to produce candies. Proximate composition, and vitamin composition of the pulp flour and candies were evaluated. The sensory properties and functional properties were also determined using chocolate candy as the control. The candies and the pulp flour had vitamin composition ranging from 0.7 mg/100 to 1.59mg/100 vitamin A and 38.71 mg/100 to 4.85 mg/100 vitamin C. The result of the functional properties of velvet tamarind pulp flour had emulsion capacity of 56%, bulk density of 0.44g/m, water absorption capacity of 2.5g/ml, oil absorption capacity of 1.76g/ml, foam capacity and stability of 30% and 111% respectively. The results of the sensory evaluation showed that the velvet tamarind chewable candy was most preferred by the panelists in terms of colour, flavour, taste and general acceptability. The control was most preferred in terms of mouth feel and appearance

Keywords: Candy, Functional Properties, Sensory Evaluation, Velvet Tamarind