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The Redskins and Trademark Disparagement (Published)

Consider this scenario: “When Chinatown dance-rock bank “The Slants” wanted to trademark their name, they didn’t imagine any problems.  After all, they were the only band with that name.  But the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) saw things differently and denied their application. The USPTO ruled that “The Slants” name “consists of or comprises immoral, deceptive, or scandalous matter; or matter which may disparage.”  In this case, the ruling was in reference to the term “slant” as a derogatory term for someone of Asian descent.” Does this fact pattern seem to the reader as so outlandish as to be the product of a great imagination?  It might be fiction… but it is true….  (Fabio, 2011; Bonadio, 2015).  This article will discuss issues relating to registration of trademarks and how they might be subject to cancellation or rejection on grounds of disparagement in light of facts developed in a series of cases involving the Washington Redskins and their famous (or now infamous) trademark.

Keywords: Cancellation, Disparage, Laches, Lanham Act, Redskin, Registration, Scandalous, Trademark


Currently, climate change and its impacts is a key issue in Ethiopia. Adaptation to climate change is making a system suitable to moderate the impact of climate change or deal with the consequence or to take advantage of new opportunities. In line with this, the research has assessed the role of watershed management for climate change adaptation in Adwa in the case of mariamshewito Watershed. To address the above objective, the study used both qualitative and quantitative data type. In order to collect valuable information, semi structured questionnaire, focus group discussion, key informant guide checklist and observation tools from both primary and secondary data sources were applied. Similarly, different statistical methods such as percentage of frequencies, bar graphs, X 2 test, independent and paired sample T-Test and one way ANOVAs were used. The key finding of the research presents that due to different interventions the livelihood of the community was diversified and enhanced especially; income, soil fertility, crop productivity, forest, water and food availability become improved. Even if it has some gaps in the process of implementation such as lack of linkage between sectors, lack of targeting on the poor, young and women participation, weak stakeholder linkage. It is concluded that the watershed management can play a significant role to enhance household’s livelihood and cope with climate change impacts. Then, to fill the gap and go along the sustainability of the watershed, the study recommended based on the findings.

Keywords: Cancellation, Delay, Diversion, Impacts, Monsoon, Thunderstorm


This research work evaluates the impacts of thunderstorms to flight operations in Port-Harcourt International Airport. This study focused on the monthly and annual occurrences of thunderstorms, trend/pattern of thunderstorm and its influence to the number of flight diversions, delays and cancellations. In other to evaluate this impact, six years data on thunderstorm frequency and the number of flight diversions, delays and cancellations were obtained. The statistical analyses employed were the Simple and Multiple bar charts and Pearson’s product moment correlation. From the analysis, it was observed that thunderstorms occur mostly in the rainy season months (monsoon periods) with an increasing trend within the years due to the meridionial movement of the weather/ITD zones. The study revealed that thunderstorm accounted for 32% of flight cancellation with 218 occurrences, 0.2% of diversion with 291 occurrences and 24% of delays with 526 occurrences at the airport from 2008-2013. From the Analysis, thunderstorms have a greater influence on the number of flight cancellations and delays than on diversions with the correlation value of r=0.57, 0.49 and -0.04 respectively. The study concluded that thunderstorms occur in the study area during monsoon periods and it has more impact on delay and cancellations than on diversions.

Keywords: Cancellation, Delay, Diversion, Impacts, Monsoon, Thunderstorm