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Finite Element Analysis of NCI, GCI and EN 18 Materials Camshafts (Published)

Finite element analysis of the camshafts assembly of different materials with different meshing conditions has been conducted in the present work. Camshafts of Grey Cast Iron, Nodular Cast Iron and EN 18 materials have been considered for analysis in the present work. SolidWorks and ANSYS Software have been used for drafting and FEA analysis of camshaft respectively. The effect of different meshing elements i.e. 10mm, 50mm and 100mm has also been studied. From the results, it has been found that with decrement in the element size, number of nodes and elements increases continuously showing a fine meshing. The effect of different magnitude of load has also been analysed. During analysis, it has been varied from 1kN-1000kN by multiple of 10. Analysis has been done on the basis of deformation, stress and strain generating in the camshaft. It has been found that with increment in the load, deformation and stress generating in the camshaft assembly increase continuously indicating large deformation. It has also been found that the total deformation in the camshaft of EN 18 material is less compared to grey cast iron and nodular cast iron. Camshaft made of nodular cast iron weighs less compared to the camshaft made of grey cast iron and EN 18

Keywords: Camshaft, Element Size, FEA, Material