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Types of Traumatic Events, Response to the Events and Coping Strategies amongst Selected Adults Resident of Internally Displaced Persons Camps in Nigeria (Published)

The return of Nigeria to Civilian rule since 1999 has witnessed the killing of thousands of people through recurring inter-communal conflicts and politically motivated violence.  The forced evictions resulting from these occurrences have caused significant population movements resulting in large waves of internal displacement. Therefore, this research was aimed at evaluating types of traumatic events, response to the events, and coping strategies amongst selected Adults. Residents of internally displaced persons’ camp in Nigeria. The researchers adopted cross-sectional research design with the sample size determined using Taro Yamane sample size Determination formula resulting in the selection of 392 respondent using multistage sampling technique. Four (4) research questions were answered while four (4) null hypotheses were tested. Results showed that 57.8% of respondents were males while 42.2% were females most of the respondents 51.4% are Muslims as against 43.2% who are Christians. The types of traumatic experienced by the respondents included evaluation from home which was experienced by 84.8%, followed by lack of food. In term of the way they responded to traumatic events, 13.4% experienced being jumpy. The coping style widely accepted positive reinterpretation and social support. These was a significant association between the employment status of respondents and destruction of properties. It was concluded that the internally displaced persons adopted mixture of problem focused and emotional focused coping strategies

Keywords: Camps, Internally Displaced Persons Adult Residents, Traumatic Events