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A Proposed Perception for Developing a Surveillance System Using the Cameras Technology on Schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (Published)

This study aimed at presenting a proposed perception for developing a surveillance system using the cameras technology on schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The population of the study consisted of all male and female school principals, in the Department of Education for Riyadh District. They were (1186) male and female principals. The study sample consisted of (301) male and female principals. They were drawn from the population by using stratified random sample method. The descriptive – survey methodology was used. To achieve the objectives of the study, a questionnaire was developed. It consisted of (16) items to find out the obstacles of applying surveillance system on schools by using cameras technology. The results showed that there were many obstacles facing school principals in accepting the surveillance system on their school administrations using camera technology with a high degree. The technical obstacle came first and human obstacle last. The results also indicated the necessity of adopting legal legislations that allow the use of surveillance cameras in schools, so that there were no violation of the privacy of school employees and visitors, as well as to develop signboards that show the presence of surveillance cameras and choose suitable places in schools to install these cameras based on an engineering and psychological study.

Keywords: Cameras technology, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Surveillance system