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The Effect of Camel Milk in the Tissue Changes to the Kidneys of Laboratory Male Rats Treated By Cadmium (Published)

The study was carried out on 72 mature male laboratory white rats. The males were randomly divided into forth equal groups, each group consist of 12 rats. The first group was intrapertoneally treated with 0.2ml normal 0.9% NaCl physiological saline solution as the control group. The second group was orally given 1ml of camel’s milk . The third group was intrapertoneally injected 0.2ml Cadmium chloride (1, mg/kg body weight). The fourth groups was also intrapertoneally injected 0.2ml with Cadmium chloride (1, mg /kg body weight) intrapertoneally then orally given 1mlof camel’s milk. The study continue for 30successive days and the animals weight was measured at the end of each week .The end of the experimental period , sixth animals from each group were sacrificed. The histopathological study revealed negative symptoms in kidney tissue such as hyperplasia , hyper pigmentation ,increasing in thickness of connective tissue, hemorrhage, necrosis , degeneration, splitting among tubules , On the other hand, the treatment with camel’s milk improved the histopathological changes in kidney.

Keywords: Cadmium Chloride, Camel Milk, Kidney, Laboratory Rats