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Do Firm Vary the Frequency of Advertising in an Offline and Online Environment? An analytical approach (Published)

There have been countless developments in the field of communication and information. Marketers have been quick to capitalise on these advancements. In this regard, the interactive advertising has slowly been gaining prominence globally, and many companies now have online presence enabling them to gain recognition not only locally but also globally. This study has been an attempt at analysing the variations in the frequency of both the online and the offline medium of advertising, through the analysis of the companies’ reports of two brands- Camden food co and The Pasty Shop.  It was discovered that the common perception that exists is that online web-sites are expensive to maintain after initial implementation. The method of advertising is chiefly dependent on the marketing policy of a firm, which is actually a product of the nature of the firm itself. Hence, since both Camden Food Co and The Pasty Shop cater to people who are commuting and have a bite on the go, the key advertising strategy has been to invest in and maintain offline advertising.

Keywords: Advertising, Camden Food, Firms, Pasty Shop, offline, online