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Comparison of anthropometric measurement and total cholesterol in calcific aortic stenosis (Published)

Background and objective: Changes in the lipid concentration can be reflected by anthropometric measurements. The present study is aimed to determine the relationship of anthropometric measurement and total cholesterol in calcific aortic stenosis. Methods: A case-control study in which 208 calcific AS patients were recruited from echocardiography department and OPD from NICVD  and 208 age and gender matched controls were selected. Complete physical and medical examination was carried out including the demographic profile and anthropometric measurements. Total cholesterol was done in Biochemistry section of DDRRL, Ojha Campus. Statistical analysis was conducted on SPSS 21. Mean and standard deviation were calculated for all the continuous variables including age, WHR, BMI and total cholesterol.t-test was applied to compare the WHR, BMI and total cholesterol between cases and controls. Pearson correlation was used to see the leaner correlation of BMI and WHR to total cholesterol. Results: Mean age for the cases was 67.12 years ±5.08 and for controls was 66.74 years ± 3.71. There were 67.8% male and 32.2% female in the case group and 64.9% male and 35.1% female in control group.There was significant difference in BMI and WHR of cases and controls with significant p- value while total cholesterol showed insignificant difference. BMI shows significant but positive weak correlation with total cholesterol in cases as well as in controls.  While WHR shows insignificant correlation in cases and control group indicates significant but positive weak correlation. Conclusion: Increase in total cholesterol may be an indicator of increase in BMI and WHR.

Keywords: BMI, WHR., anthropometric measurements, calcific aortic stenosis, total cholesterol