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Determination Of Pb(Ii), Cd(Ii) Ions After Wastewater Treatment Process At Hovsan Aeration Station (Published)

Hovsan aeration station is the largest wastewater cleaning center in south Caucasus region. Approximately, 60% of  household sewage of Baku is discharged to Caspian Sea after treatment process. It is so necessary to analysis some toxic heavy metals in cleanded water such as cadmium and lead due to providing security of biodiversity of Caspian Sea and determining of cleaning effectiveness. Standard methods were used for determining of chemical characteristics of the household waste water. Pb, Cd contents samples were determined by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS). The concentrations of metals in waste water samples after treatment process as follows: Pb (sample 1) 7.078 ppb, Pb (sample) 2 -5.522 ppb, Cd (sample 1) 4.766 pb, Cd(sample 2) 3.751 ppb. The concentrations heavy metals in the cleaned waste water samples from Hovsan Aeration Station  were with the permissible limits of the European Union Directive and World Health Organization water quality guidelines.

Keywords: Cadmium, Heavy Metal Ions, ICP-MS, Lead, Waste Water