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Business Development Strategy of Indonesia Agribusiness Media in Digital Era Case Study: PT Permata Wacana Lestari (Published)

Development of digital technology has an impact on media industry, especially the print media. Nowadays readers prefer to access news via digital media. PT PWL as one of the agricultural press has concerns about that issue, so it needs various strategies to survive in the digital era. This study aims to identify internal and external factors affecting business development in PT PWL, formulating strategies that can be applied in PT PWL, and determine the priority strategy for development of print media business in PT PWL. This study was used IFE and EFE Matrix, SWOT and QSPM Matrix. The results showed that main strength in PT PWL is brand awareness among the livestock, fisheries and agriculture industry. The main weakness is conventional information and technology systems. The Opportunity is development of a digital-based industry. In addition, higher printing costs are a major threat to PT PWL. The main priority strategy for PT PWL is development of digital-based products such as news reporting via websites or TV streaming as the highest Total Atractiveness Score.

Keywords: Business Strategy, EFE, IFE, QSPM, SWOT Matrix, agribusiness media

Cost Information and Business Strategy: A Synergistic Approach of Ensuring Valid Business Decision and Growth (Published)

This paper examines cost information and business strategy as a synergistic approach of ensuring valid business decision and growth. This was hinged on the premise that cost accounting information is one of the enduring tools of management for planning, decision making and control. If this information is wrongly applied, it can jeopardize the revenue aspect of the business and by extension the overall performance of the entity. To this end, the ex-post facto and descriptive research designs were adopted to elicit information from respondents. The paper adopted the ordinary least square analytical technique for data analysis. Findings revealed that inadequate cost information, obsolete costing techniques and ineffective corporate governance mechanisms impact on organizational performance. Indeed, it was recommended that corporate entities should place more priority on cost information, modern costing techniques and effective corporate governance to facilitate growth especially in all sectors of human endeavors.

Keywords: Business Strategy, Corporate Governance, Cost Information, Growth