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Mindset of Immigrant Entrepreneurs in Ghana (Published)

Extant literature on immigrant entrepreneurship has shown that such as activities are businesses people resort to in order to solve their own economic needs as well as send remittance to relatives in their home country. The present explored the activities of immigrant entrepreneurs in Ghana by firstly understanding their perceptions of how businesses are initiated, benefits they derive from the business and the obstacles they faced in running the businesses. Seven immigrant entrepreneurs (5 males and 2 females) from Nigeria, Britain, Togo and Benin were interviewed in the study. The results showed that the study identified major themes and sub themes such as perceptions of business setups (transfer of knowledge, uncertainty and flexibility), benefits derived from entrepreneurship (provisions of basic needs, networking, autonomy) and challenges faced from immigrant business people (disparity in profit margin, financial issues, Imposition taxes and harassment). Implications for theory and practice are discussed.

Keywords: Perceptions, business start-ups, immigrant entrepreneurship