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Impact of Marketing Research on Business Management in Nigeria (Published)

The study assessed the extent of the effects of marketing research on the practice of business management in Nigerian organizations. Survey method was used. The target population was 15,600 registered members of the National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria (NIMN), comprising academic marketers, AM (2200), marketing practitioners, MP (9350) and marketing students MS (4050).Stratified, simple random, convenience and judgmental sampling procedures were adopted. The sample size of 390 was determined using Yamane (1967) formula. Applying Bowley’s proportional allocation formula, the sample size for each category of the respondents was estimated; AM (55), MP (234) and MS (101).One hypothesis and a research question guided the study. Primary and secondary sources were accessed for data. In-depth interviews were held with marketing practitioners and students, academic marketers, coordinators of marketing research firms and secretary of Nigerian Marketing Research Association (NIMRA). The questionnaire adopted the five point Likert scale format, viz, strong agree (5points), agree (4points), undecided (3points), disagree (2points) and strongly disagree (1point). The opinions of marketing experts validated the research instrument. Pilot study was conducted. The reliability coefficient of the research instrument, 0.973 was estimated, using Cronbach’s Alpha technique. With one-way ANOVA and Minitab software techniques, the hypothesis of the study was formulated and tested at 0.05 level of significance and 15degrees of freedom. The study revealed the extent of the effects of marketing research at 18.08 percent had non-significant positive impact on business management practice in Nigerian organizations. Recommendations were made.

Keywords: Academic Marketers., Business Management, Impact, Marketing Practitioners, Marketing Research


This study examined the impact of teaching learning resources on teaching business management in some selected schools in the Kumasi Metropolis. The researchers used a descriptive research design of survey type and gathered data through questionnaire. The sample of this study comprises; business management teachers and business management students in three senior high schools in the Suame District.  Thus, eight (8) teachers and one hundred and twelve (112) students were selected. Three research questions guided the study. The data collected were analyzed through the computation of percentages with the use of Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS). Findings indicated the influence of teaching learning resources in teaching Business Management which include facilitating and understanding of the lesson, making teaching easy, creates an interesting environment with high class participation. Based on this finding, school heads/authorities should make it mandatory that all teachers include teaching learning resources in their lesson delivery.

Keywords: Business Management, School Authorities, Students, Teachers, Teaching Learning Resources