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Assessing the Impact of Incubation Programme to Small and Medium Enterprises Development in the Western Cape Province of South Africa (Published)

This paper sought to determine the impact of incubation programme to Small and Medium size Enterprises (SMEs) development in the Western Cape Province, South Africa. The study utilised a quantitative method approach to collect data by way of closed and open handed questionnaires. The Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software was utilised to analyse the data. The findings indicated that incubated SMEs had about; one to ten employees (85.7%) in the programme during the course of investigation. While those who had about eleven to fifty employees represented (14.3%) as this indicates slight improvement for economic participation and job creation in the Cape Metropolitan District. A majority of the respondents (53.6%) who participated in the study strongly agreed that businesses in the incubation program has a great potential to create more jobs opportunities. In addition, the results also indicate that respondents (60.7%) joined the incubation programme to obtain a multiple of skills such as networking, finance and growth. Recommendations to improve the current standard of incubated entrepreneurs in the study setting were made

Keywords: Business Incubators, Entrepreneurship, Incubation Programme, Small and Medium Size Enterprises