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Towards An Assessment of Globalization and Localization of Western East-Food Chains in China: The Case of KFC (Published)

This paper addresses the specific topic of globalization and localization of western fast-food chains in China with focus on the case of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken). A review of the relevant academic literature is carried-out and succinct research questions are addressed. The aim is to evaluate how KFC, a leading western fast-food chain, conquered the Chinese market by adapting its strategy under the concept of localization. KFC’s strategic planning in China is presented and a Porter’s Five Forces and a SWOT analysis are conducted. Results show that KFC’s strategy in China (Yum! Brands) exhibits strong localization by infusing a Western brand with Chinese characteristics, its rapid expansion, the development of a logistics network, training of employees in service and focusing on ownership rather than franchising.

Keywords: Business Globalization, Chinese market, Fast-food industry, Localization, Western brands