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Records Management in Institutions of Higher Learning: Towards the Business Support Function (Published)

Records are assets as they represent accumulated intellectual capital of organizations. For an institution to have sound decision making, efficient and effective records play a vital role. This paper probes into the business functions of institutions of higher learning as supported by proper records management. A case study research design was used to establish the records management policy of Moi University, Kenya. The study population consisted of 111 respondents drawn from the main campus. The sample size Purposively selected based on the respondents’ role comprised 78 respondents including 6 Top Management representatives, 22 Action Officers, 6 Records Supervisors, 4 auditors, 30 Records staff and 10 Secretaries some of whom were interviewed while others filled questionnaires. Both qualitative and quantitative data analysis approaches were applied. The study established that, the university lacked a clear records management policy, consequently; development and implementation of a records management programme and policies to establish formal records management programme with clear policies, infrastructure, staffing, guidelines and clear qualifications for records personnel is recommended.

Keywords: Business Functions., Guidelines, Infrastructure, Personnel, Records Management, policies